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Enter continuous transformation

7 Flows Journeys – From ideation to business transformation through innovation workshops, startup weekends, and acceleration programs

We observed a significant shift from the 20th to the 21st century. People used to consume information exclusively from the radio and television, and physically go to the gym. Before long, they began relying on their favorite Podcasts, watching the latest TV series on Netflix, and working out from home with help from their new coaching app. 


The 21st century is about getting what you need when you need it. And we believe the time has come to change the way we transform businesses and foster innovation.


7 Flows Elements are atomic elements that will help you start a venture, grow a business, or transform an established company. Most of them are standalones. You can benefit from their value, when you need it, based on your unique context.


Thanks to the 7–12/16 Factory Composer, you can combine the elements to tailor your business transformation or innovation journey, based on your goals and pace.

7–08 Awakening

In work and in life, some characteristics just can't be taught. The entrepreneurial spirit is one of them.


This is why we developed a unique daylong experience to make you feel and live the life of an entrepreneur in your own environment. You will go from gaining customer insights to generating disruptive business models, and from designing value propositions to discovering new technologies at the speed of light!


So, get inspired, fall in love with a problem, design solutions, run experiments to validate your assumptions, and discover new technologies—because the best way to leverage entrepreneurship is to be an entrepreneur.

We offer the 7–08 Awakening Element in several styles so you can tackle the topic that is most relevant to your context:


You can Expect:

  • Increased awareness

  • Application examples in your context

  • Hands-on workshops

  • Tangible outcomes

  • Material that you can reuse in your context

7–54 Garage

Over 54 hours, your teams will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. They will learn to start a business venture, with help from the best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors.


It really is that simple. This journey is designed to get you going, fast!


We set up the ideal environment for you to be successful and learn as much as possible in just 54 hours. It’s perfect for developing an idea and transforming it into a valuable business.

You can Expect:

  • A high-intensity journey

  • A comprehensive program from idea to delivery

  • A customer-obsessed culture

  • Scientific experiments and validated learnings

  • Dynamic business pitches

7–102 Lab

Fire your business venture in only 5 days. Your teams will go from gaining customer insights to completing their first MVP delivery. Our startup trainers will work with them every day, helping them experiment and experience co-construction, rapid prototyping, and face-to-face customer interviews.


We will go over problem-solution fit, draft an initial business model, define the company goals and priorities, focus on execution, and aim for rapid delivery. Closing the loop will help your teams understand the flow and dynamic needed to start and grow a business.

You can Expect:

  • A comprehensive business innovation journey

  • Immersion in the startup culture and dynamic

  • Introduction to Lean Startup principles and assumption validation

  • Rapid-prototyping techniques

  • A complete startup development toolkit you can use in your business

7–E Playground

Think innovation structures on steroids. During the 5-day boot camp, we will create an innovation environment you can use to empower your employees and foster their business creation potential. Nothing will be left out.


From a bold and engaging vision (thanks to Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle), to acceleration model and support services, we will tackle all the challenges you need to overcome in order to spark innovation within your company.


No endless meetings or over-polished slides—this is all about hands-on, pragmatic workshops, with some sweat and brain power thrown into the mix.


After this intensive session, you will be ready to welcome corporate startups for a complete acceleration journey.

You can Expect:

  • A shared vision of innovation within your organization

  • A consistent innovation ecosystem blueprint

  • A comprehensive innovation journey for your employees

  • A model that fits your business from idea to execution

  • A full-featured toolkit that will support your innovation approach

7–X Mutation

Do you believe that innovation—while neither a job nor a business unit—should be part of your company culture and DNA? Then you are ready for a global company mutation.


We will provide a comprehensive approach and prepare your teams for internal training to ensure fast adoption, autonomy, and sustainability. 


Only you have the power to change the way you work, pivot your company culture, and support an entrepreneurial mindset. We will empower you with the frameworks, practices, technologies, and tools you need to reach your goals.

You can Expect:

  • A pragmatic, measurable, and sustainable business transformation

  • A 6-stage mutation blueprint from context screening to establishment

  • Clearly-defined roles and responsibilities

  • A pattern that fosters team empowerment and autonomy 

  • Monitoring and actionable metrics for tracking your progress

7–12/16 Factory

12 to 16 weeks to accelerate your business transformation or innovation ventures. Validated learnings, focus and monitoring, and clean execution are essential to a successful journey.


Teams will work together and break down barriers to building a dynamic, highly-motivated community in order to shape the future of your organization. They will get help from a broad range of experts who specialize in growth hacking, startup culture, finance, product design, user testing, sales, organization design, and so much more.


Imagine a Startup MBA on steroids.


We don’t believe in off-the-shelf transformation models or acceleration. Instead, we developed a composer to help shape your journey, depending on your unique context, culture, and challenges. And without any further tweaking, the composer is filled with 7-CX Clinics. 


You can substitute any slot to integrate one of the execution elements, and we’ll work with you to design the most valuable transformation or acceleration program.


Standard composers consist of 12 or 16 weeks, but we can adapt them to your pace, company culture, and practices.

You can Expect:

  • A tailor-made journey for tackling your challenges

  • Component-based delivery and outcomes

  • An adaptive and responsive hands-on coaching pattern

  • Tangible, reusable deliverables and accurate progress monitoring

  • An adjustable, flexible program designed to suit your progress and pace

7–CX Clinics

Get support when you need it. We believe your acceleration journey deserves the highest level of flexibility and responsiveness.


Your teams can book a 25-minute hands-on coaching slot as soon as they feel they need help. All we need are a description of the problem, your actual progress status, and your success criteria. Then, after 25 minutes, the team will decide whether the session was successful.


We ensure a minimum success rate of 75%. If, for whatever reason, fewer than 75% of the sessions are successful, you will only have to pay for the successful ones.

You can Expect:

  • Clinics available exclusively within the 7–12/16 acceleration programs

  • No restrictions as long as you reflect the elements included in your program

  • The chance to stack slots and solve larger problems

  • Remote clinics that offer maximum flexibility

  • A weekly problem-solution report that will help build your knowledge base

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