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Put acceleration in your pocket

7 Flows Grow – Your business coach in your pocket. Get a comprehensive business acceleration program in an app powered by AI

Start and grow your business with your ultimate personal trainer. It comes fully loaded with 120+ entrepreneurship courses, clear audio, visual guidance, and tools for every session, plus collections to help you reach your goals with curated training recommendations and expert tips.

120+ entrepreneurship courses


Challenge yourself with a wide variety of all-new content from 7 Flows business trainers and professionals, including emergency-specific short sessions.o add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Expert guidance


Instructional audio and video clips featuring 7 Flows trainers, along with efficient tools, are designed to help you master your organization and growth skills to get the most from every session.

Feedback is everything


Have you implemented some of our tips? Do you need more guidance on a specific topic? Are you struggling with certain tasks?


This is all related to your training and acceleration journey—and the more feedback you provide, the smarter the Grow app will become (and the better-equipped it will be at adjusting your acceleration path).

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