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Connect with the best startups

7 Flows Dock – Connect your company to the most innovative startups and powerful ecosystems

Among the different shades of corporate innovation, collaboration with startups is a pragmatic approach that can help you build original products in record time. You can create an ecosystem that combines the best of both worlds. However, it’s often a challenge to identify the right partner and mix different cultures.


We’ve partnered with the most active startup ecosystems in Europe to create 7 Flows Dock, a service designed to help you find the right partner for your business, oversee the essential aspects of your organization, and ensure a valuable collaboration.

Startup ecosystems

7 Flows is a global company based in Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Our location allows us to establish a strong relationship with some of Europe’s most active ecosystems, including Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and Poland. These countries are investing massively in innovation and growing many best-in-class startups.

Funding opportunities

A partnership with a large corporation presents a significant opportunity for a startup to raise funds. It dramatically increases the company’s attractiveness for investors. Therefore, we’ve established partnerships with leading funding platforms that can benefit both parties. Startups find new investors, while corporations showcase their innovative image.

Administration and finance

We observed that administrative workload and cash flow management are common concerns for startups, not to mention critical in a collaboration context within a large corporation. We offer simplified contracting procedures and factoring solutions that allow both parties to remain comfortable and benefit from seamless collaboration.

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