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Start, grow, and scale your business

7 Flows Core & Max – Frameworks for entrepeneurs, startups, and corporate business transformation

Empower your ideas

From insight to delivery, the 7 Flows Core framework offers an end-to-end, comprehensive yet straightforward workflow you can use to start and grow your business venture. It relies on the Lean Startup principles and will help you structure your working methods, stay focused, and improve your execution.


Easy-to-use canvases focusing on insight, value proposition, validation, business model development, goals, execution, and delivery will help you start and grow your business at an insanely fast pace.

7 Flows Core

xPod canvas

Set up your team, share your vision and mission, and define the way you work to achieve greatness—a quick yet comprehensive approach to laying your business foundation.

7 Flows xPod Canvas

Customer Insight Collector

Get to know your clients. This is a 4-step journey involving goal setting and emotional exploration, as well as contextual navigation and behavioral understanding. Collect precious insights and develop a customer-obsessed culture.

7 Flows Customer Insight Collector

Value Proposition Pack

Create products that customers love. This is an easy-to-use canvas for developing your value proposition, categorizing your components, and estimating the full potential of your clients’ satisfaction.

7 Flows Value Proposition Pack

Business Mechanics

Remember that keeping an overview of your business is critical. Describe and fine-tune every aspect of your business in a single canvas that you can easily discuss and share with your team.

7 Flows Business Mechanics

Experiment Protocol Card

Success and growth are all about validated learnings and scientific experiments. Keep track of your assumptions and tests, and persevere or pivot your decision-making.

7 Flows Experiment Protocol Card

Goals & Achievements Card

As an entrepreneur, you end up tackling diverse daily tasks and topics. Staying focused is key. This canvas will help you define your weekly goals and the associated measurable success criteria.

7 Flows Goals and Achievements Card

Execution Logbook

Sometimes plans change. And besides, you can’t attend every event. Keeping track of your tasks and execution will ensure you are working on things that matter.

7 Flows Execution Logbook

Delivery Matrix

Bringing your products into the world, publishing content that will engage your clients—delivery and distribution are crucial to your success. This canvas will help you keep track of your delivery.

7 Flows Delivery Matrix

xPod Instruments

Efficient execution is key. However, an energized, empowered, and committed team is the secret sauce to sustainable growth. Maintain a sense of balance and monitor your global health with this canvas.

7 Flows xPod Instruments
7 Flows Max

Kindle your business

Made for scaleups and larger organizations, 7 Flows Max preserves the core elements that made your business attractive and unique, yet is designed to help you grow from 1 to 10,000. It has been built with both product and market fit in mind, and relies on 3 pillars: business performance, operational excellence, and people satisfaction.


7 Flows Max gives you a solid foundation and the tools you need to enter a phase of hypergrowth. It will help put your business in a state of perpetual mutation, allowing you to emphasize responsiveness and optimize your ability to innovate.

xPod Studio

A shared, simple yet comprehensive understanding of an organization and its components is the starting point for any business mutation. This canvas will help you organize and tweak your business structure.

7 Flows xPod Studio

xPod Canvas

If you’re aiming for great interactions and efficient collaboration, make sure that everyone knows and understands how each entity is working. Think about all the roles, expectations, and outcomes involved, as this will help you describe each component of your organization.

7 Flows xPod Canvas

Interaction Matrix

Interactions are critical to great execution. Rather than overcomplicating processes, this will help you achieve and maintain an overview of all the connections across your organization.

7 Flows Interaction Matrix

Interaction Therapy

Well-described and shared interactions are essential to faster and better decision-making. This canvas will help you create organic and robust governance for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

7 Flows Interaction Therapy

Goals & Achievements Card

When your company grows, you must make sure that every part of the organization is working toward common goals that emphasize collaboration and support. This canvas will help you monitor your alignment.

7 Flows Goals and Achievements Card

Execution Logbook

Continuous improvement requires accurate and valuable monitoring. This canvas will help your team understand how they can improve their focus and value delivery for better productivity.

7 Flows Execution Logbook

Delivery Matrix

Your capacity for delivering and maintaining responsiveness is critical when you grow. This canvas will help your team keep track of your assets and make sure they reach their target.


xPod Instruments

Sustainable growth is linked to operational excellence and great execution. Business, however, is all about people who share a mission and are committed to changing the world. Improve the balance within your team with this health-check canvas.

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