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We believe in creation, emotion, and technology. We put passion in everything we do and aim to support those who build our future: innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs.

Creating products that may change the world is a tough journey. We don't build magic sticks, nor we can predict the future. But we will provide you with the means and tools you deserve to reach your goal.

We build comprehensive, free, and open source frameworks and tools for entrepreneurs, makers, and business creators. We don't forget the bigger ones and also provide them with a dedicated way of working to scale, preserving their ability to innovate and remain the leaders of tomorrow.

Start, grow, scale

Pragmatic, transparent, measurable. These are the foundations for everything we build. During 16 years, we build, test, and continuously improve our frameworks and tools to ensure a fast learning curve, a better adoption, and tangible results. 

We are deeply convinced that everyone should benefit from the best tools to start, grow, and scale a business venture. Therefore both our frameworks and canvases are free to use under Creative Commons license.


7 Flows Core 3 – Empower your team

From insight to delivery, 7 Flows Core provides you with an end-to-end comprehensive yet straightforward workflow to start and grow your business venture. It relies on Lean Startup principle and help you structure your way of working, stay focused, and improve your execution.

Seven easy to use canvases, focussing on insight, value proposition, validation, business model, goals, execution, and delivery, help you start and grow your business at an insanely fast pace.


7 Flows Max 3 – Kindle your organization

Made for scaleups and larger organizations, 7 Flows Max preserves the core elements that made your business attractive and unique to help you go from 1 to 10 000. It has been built with product/market fit in mind, relying on three pillars: business performance, operational efficiency, and people satisfaction.

It provides you with solid foundations and tools to enter hypergrowth and put your business in a state of perpetual mutation to emphasize responsiveness and ability to innovate.


Create your own journey

It's a long way to the top if you want to develop a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in a company. Our experience taught us that there is no "one fits all" approach. Your business, as well as your company culture, will define the best way to go. We've worked with many companies across Europe to break down the whole journey into atomic elements that you can select, depending on your context, to compose your experience.

Each component has been tested, validated, and remains under continuous improvement.

7 Flows Awakening Workshop

Awakening – The Startup eXperience

There are some characteristics in work and life that just can't be taught. The entrepreneurial spirit is one of them. We've developed this one-day unique experience to make you feel and live an entrepreneur's life in your environment. You will go from customer insight to disruptive business models generation thru value propositions design at the speed of light!

Get inspired, fall in love with a problem, design solutions, run experiments to validate your assumptions, and pitch, pitch, and pitch again.

The best way to discover entrepreneurship is to be an entrepreneur.


Enter the Awakening if you want to: get inspired, learn.


7 Flows Garage Workshop

Garage – Startup 54 – The Weekend

Studio 54 was a unique clubbing experience in the 70's. The Garage, also called Startup 54, is also a one of a kind event for a starter!

During 54 hours, your teams will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. They will learn how to start a business venture, with the help from the best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors.
It’s that simple. This journey is designed to get you going, fast!

We set up the ideal environment for you to be successful and learn as much as possible in just 54 hours.

Enter the Garage if you want to: learn, found a business, start an entrepreneur journey.


7 Flows Lab Workshop

Lab – The Startup Week

Fire your business venture in only five days. Your teams will go from customer insights to the first MVP delivery. Our startup trainers will work with them every day. They will help them prepare and run experiments and experience co-construction, rapid prototyping, and face to face customer interviews.

We will go over problem/solution fit to draft the first business model, define goals and priorities, focus on execution, and accelerate delivery. Closing the loop will help the starters understand the flow and dynamic that will allow them to start and grow your business.


Enter the Lab if you want to: found a business, start an entrepreneur journey.


7 Flows Factory Journey

Factory – eXtreme Startup Accelerator

Twelve weeks to accelerate your business and get your first paying customers. Validated learnings, focus, and clean execution are essential to grow your business and generate traction.

The teams will work with other people going through the same challenges building a dynamic, highly motivated community. They will get help from a wide variety of experts focused on growth hacking, startup culture, finance, product design, user testing, sales, and much more. Think about a Startup MBA on steroids.


Enter the Factory if you want to: found a business, start an entrepreneur journey, accelerate your venture.


7 Flows Playground Journey

Playground – High Powered Startup Studio

If you take innovation and new business creation seriously, a dedicated place to start and grow new ventures within your organization is not an option; it's something you should start building right now.

We help you create and run a structure where intrapreneurs can develop their new business opportunities in the best conditions without creating uncontrollable risks for your core business. Together we will create an active community, provide high-quality advisory and hands-on support, connect the starters to the outside world to accelerate innovation, and finally define a model to benefit from experts knowledge and adequate funding.


Enter the Playground if you want to: launch new businesses, accelerate your ventures, be the leader of tomorrow.



Mutation – Future-proof Organizations

Do you believe that innovation is neither a job nor a business unit but that it should be part of your company culture and DNA? Then you are ready for a global company mutation.

We provide you with a comprehensive approach and build your teams of internal trainers to ensure fast adoption and sustainability. Only you have the power to change the way of working in your company and to support an entrepreneurial mindset.

We will empower you with the frameworks, practices, technologies, and tools you deserve to reach your goal.


Enter the Mutation if you want to: accelerate your ventures, be the leader of tomorrow.

Train and track

We live in a connected world. Even if we believe that a face to face conversation is the best way to share information, that visual management dramatically emphasizes collaboration, digital nomads, remote work and global ventures are our future.

We've designed tools to support you in your stater life, as well as in your scaling journey. We think that you work hard enough, and shouldn't spend hours, looking for the right software to accelerate your business.


7 Flows Grow – Smart personal business trainer

What if Siri or Alexa could help you start and grow your business? Could you imagine your fitness trainer as a startup genius? We just did it!

The 7 Flow Grow App concentrates all our experience and knowledge in your pocket. Get advisory from the best mentors, do and don'ts related to insights, value proposition, experiments, business models, goals definition, clean execution, and fast delivery.

Last but not least, enter a comprehensive twelve weeks acceleration program with your dedicated virtual mentor. Raise weekly challenges, track your progress, and reach your goal!


7 Flows Studio – Business performance monitoring

Hard work and multiple tasks make up your life when you start a new business, grow at a fast pace or change your company culture. It may become a tough work to define priorities, focus on what matters, or track your progress and efficiency.

7 Flows Core and Max are here to help. But you can go even further and adopt 7 Flows Studio, a tool that will help you effortlessly track your progress and bring all your canvases and business data everywhere.

Go paperless, work flawlessly with people across your organization and all around the world. We took the best of visual management and paper like experience to bring it to the digital nomad's world.


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We are a global company based in Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world.

We are born world citizens and will support you, wherever you are, wherever you find yourself, and run your business.

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