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Creating the businesses of tomorrow

We believe in creation, emotion, and technology. We are passionate about everything we do and aim to support those who build our future: innovators, changemakers, and entrepreneurs.

Creating products that can change the world is a tough process. We don't do magic tricks, nor can we predict the future. We will, however, provide you with the means and tools you deserve to reach your goals.

At 7 Flows, we build comprehensive, free, and open-source frameworks and tools for entrepreneurs, makers, and business creators. We never forget the bigger players and make a point of giving them a custom way of working—to scale up while protecting their ability to innovate and become one of the leaders of tomorrow.

7 Flows Environment – Startup Frameworks & Business Transformation Journey
7 Flows Core & Max – Frameworks for entrepeneurs, startups, and corporate business transformation

Start, grow, scale

Pragmatic, transparent, measurable. These lay the foundation for everything we create. Since 2002, we have been building, testing, and continuously improving our frameworks and tools to ensure a fast learning curve, better adoption, and tangible results.


7 Flows Core will help you bootstrap and grow your business, while 7 Flows Max will bring you to the next level and support you in your scaling journey.

All of our frameworks and canvases are free to use under the Creative Commons license.


Collaboration between startups and corporations is a pragmatic way to foster innovation and enjoy the best of both worlds. However, finding the right partner—and effectively mixing cultures and working styles—can be challenging. 


This is where 7 Flows Dock comes in. We will connect you with the most active startup ecosystems in Europe, help you find the best partner for your needs, and produce a seamless win-win collaboration.

7 Flows Dock – Connect your company to the most innovative startups and powerful ecosystems
7 Flows Journeys – From ideation to business transformation through innovation workshops, startup weekends, and acceleration programs


It's a long way to the top if you want to develop a sustainable, entrepreneurial company culture. Our experience has taught us there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your business, as well as your company culture, will determine the best way to go.


We've worked with many companies across Europe, breaking down their journey into atomic elements that they can select and combine, based on the context, to shape their unique business transformation path.


Each component has been tested and validated, and benefits from continuous improvement.


7 Flows Grow – Your business coach in your pocket. Get a comprehensive business acceleration program in an app powered by AI

Have you ever thought about entering a business acceleration program? It may be the best way to boost your business, but it also comes with some constraints.


This is why we have put your business coach right in your pocket, with an app that will take you on a 12-week, tailor-made acceleration journey in line with your business context. Enjoy valuable daily tips and weekly challenges to supercharge your business growth.


7 Flows Studio – Apps to start, grow, and scale your business. Realtime monitoring and collaboration

Keeping an overview of your business is essential to continuous improvement and validated learning.


This is where 7 Flows Studio comes in. It will help you collect all the information you need about your business, help you monitor your progress, and allow you to work with your team around the world.


Modern and powerful tools for high-performance businesses will support you from idea to execution.

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